I APPRECIATE your feedback about the site and its contents, and am always
    open to entertain any questions you might have regarding my services.

    I AM AVAILABLE for a confidential assessment (at no cost) by phone, from you
    the addict, or from any concerned family member. Please feel free to call me at
    any time @ (310) 455-8996. I am here to help.

    NOBODY EVER SAID THAT REACHING OUT for the first time is easy.
    Picking up the phone, whether you're the person with a problem, or a friend or
    relative in his or her orbit, may be the most difficult call you will ever make ... I
    know, I've been there ... but please be confident that it might be the most
    important and one of the most vital calls that you will ever be in a position to

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Larry Meltzer
Addiction Therapist